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Villa in Welschbillig

Well thought-out in every detail

Lots of sloping roof surfaces, rounded, almost cone-shaped areas, a striking dormer and a tower with a conical roof – the villa in Welschbillig has a spectacular roof shape.

Renovation lasted 6 weeks: the result was - a new roof sealing protecting the building and corresponding to the state of the art – and a visually significant and individual note.

The combination of slates, copper, thermoplastic roofing membrane and the pattern profile underlines the memorable character of the roof shape.

When roofer Georg Bouteau was called to the Villa at Welschbillig to discuss the renovation works for the existing roof, it was soon clear to him: for this extraordinary roof of the mansion a thermoplastic roofing membrane would be best suited. Not only would it be possible to redesign the shape of the versatile shape of the roof, but it should be possible, too, to work directly on the existing roof construction.

In order to harmonise with the colour of the slates used on the tower roof, the building owner decided to utilise a slate grey roofing membrane.

Advantages of the thermoplastic roofing membrane

For the sealing of the 605 m² roof surface the roofer and his skilled workers applied a synthetic roofing membrane of EVAC VSK material. This type of membrane com-bines all well-known properties and advantages of the normal membrane with the additional option of a fully adhered system.

Project participants

Object: Villa in Welschbillig Roofing Contractor: Dachdeckermeister Georg Bouteau, Fell Material: EVAC VSK (Etylen-Vinylacetat-Terpolymer-Copolymer) 1.5 mm Type of Construction: Renovation Year of work: 2015 Roof Surface: 605 m2

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