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On behalf of its members, ESWA embraces the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a pathway to a more sustainable society. We strongly believe that a combination of efforts in several SDG goals at the same time will provide the most efficient results.


Whereas ESWA supports the principles of all SDGs and will work on them wherever possible, there are some SDGs where our industry has and will continuously have a direct impact through the products with a long life time that we supply to the market.

Ensure healthy lives and promote well- being for all at all ages


Leaders in the European roofing & waterproofing industry created ESWA to join their expertise to promote synthetic single-ply solutions and leverage their high quality. The key focus areas for ESWA are Durability & Sustainability, Health & Safety, and Protection & Comfort.

ESWA actively participates in European and National Standardisation Boards and other relevant organisations in the building and construction industry. ESWA contributes to the achievement of UN Sustainability Development Goals and its members are committed to supply innovative solutions with the highest standards, while simultaneously aiming to maximise reduction of the environmental footprint.

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