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Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center

Innovation and technology were essential for the development of the waterproofing system that was created especially for this architectural masterpiece.

For the waterproofing of the 40.000 m2 of the roof, a high-performing single-ply waterproofing membrane was installed.

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Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp

Year: 2020

Location: Belgium

The waterproofing works on the roof top of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp (KMSKA), Belgium have been completed. 1,665 m2 of white single-ply waterproofing membrane, perfectly cut to size to be installed around 198 different-sized triangular skylights. A complex task with a magnificent result: a roof that is a true masterpiece and allows natural light to enter the museum’s rooms.


The restoration work on the roof of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp (KMSKA), Belgium, has been completed with single-ply waterproofing membranes. 

Diamond Building - Gent - 1 - LQ.png
Ghent Diamond Building

Year: 2020

Location: Belgium

Ghent Diamond in Belgium, a "Jewel of an office space" thanks to single-ply waterproofing solutions.

Unique, with a strong design and sustainability. The Diamond building in Ghent possesses not only the magnificence, but also the shape, of an enormous diamond.

Surfaces with different slopes, most steep and prone to a high wind load: this was the challenge for waterproofing the roof. A wonderful complexity made possible by single-ply waterproofing solutions.

Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park in Zurich Zoo

Year: 2015

Location: Switzerland

The Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park in Zurich Zoo is innovative in design and also in the way in which the elephants are looked after. The zoo’s growing elephant family now has more than six times as much room as they did before, including a number of different pools and showers both indoors and outside, which they make active use of.


Asian elephants are good swimmers, as they frequently cross stretches of water in the wild and often bathe in order to regulate their body temperature and look after their skin. Visitors can now also see the elephants when they are swimming from a special underwater viewpoint.

Villa in Welschbillig

Year: 2015

Location: Germany

Lots of sloping roof surfaces, rounded, almost cone-shaped areas, a striking dormer and a tower with a conical roof – the villa in Welschbillig has a spectacular roof shape.

Renovation lasted 6 weeks: the result was - a new roof sealing protecting the building and corresponding to the state of the art – and a visually significant and individual note.


The combination of slates, copper, thermoplastic roofing membrane and the pattern profile underlines the memorable character of the roof shape. When roofer Georg Bouteau was called to the Villa at Welschbillig to discuss the renovation works for the existing roof, it was soon clear to him: for this extraordinary roof of the mansion a thermoplastic roofing membrane would be best suited.

Krakow Arena

Year: 2014

Location: Poland

Kraków Arena designed by the architectural firm Perbo-Projekt is currently the biggest sports and entertainment venue in Poland which was opened in May 2014 in the Czyżyny district. This state-of-the-art, multipurpose facility meets all the most restrictive requirements and international standards concerning organizational and technical aspects. Therefore it can host mass sporting and cultural events, exhibitions, fairs and many more. It comes as no surprise that to build such a world class venue only top-notch systems and products had to be applied.

The construction of such a significant venue demanded onsite technical support on various levels – e.g. suitable systems selection and work quality control. In addition to this, most significantly, the building chemistry provider had to be well experienced and have a history of proven performance as the project requirements of the venue in Krakòw were very restrictive.

Heydar Aliyev_Baku_4.jpg
Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center

Year: 2013

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Innovation and technology were essential for the development of the waterproofing system that was created especially for this architectural masterpiece. The Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center is located in Baku, Azerbaijan.


For the waterproofing of the 40.000 m2 of the roof, a high-performing single-ply waterproofing membrane was installed. This membrane provides the required characteristics for this project such as flexibility, high resistance to UV rays and high durability.

Medellin Sports Coliseum

Year: 2010

Location: Medellín, Colombia

The Medellin Sports Coliseum was built to host the ninth edition of the South American games. The Sports Coliseum is part of the Atanasio Girardot Sports Complex and the incredible design of the roof was made to harmonize the visual impact of the building with the valley.


For the waterproofing of the 45.000 m2 of the roof , a product was necessary that could offer the possibility of being produced in different green shades so that they could combine with the colors of the mountains of the valley. A high-performing single-ply waterproofing membrane met all the requirements.

Medellin Coliseum_3.jpg
Exhibition Halls koelnmesse, Cologne

Year: 2005

Location: Germany

The Cologne exhibition centre is the fourth largest in the world. After extensive redesign, it is now one of the most attractive trade fair sites in Europe. Four new flexible exhibition halls have been built to replace the historic Rhine Halls, the infrastructure of the site has been completely restructured and the quality of stay has been significantly improved.


The site is characterised by a compact structure with eleven halls cast in one piece, and excellent facilities that meet all the requirements of the modern event business.

Business-Park Am Goldacker, Duisburg

Year: 2003

Location: Germany

South of Duisburg, located directly on the bank of the Rhine are the vast Mannesmann smelting works (HKM). In a section of this historical industrial site, the "Am Goldacker" business park was built in 2003.


The process of converting the almost thirty-year-old warehouses there into a modern logistics centre involved, among other things, insulating and waterproofing approximately 22,000 square metres of roof area. A case for a high-quality and economical-to-install synthetic single-ply waterproofing system.

Business-Park Am Goldacker_Duisburg.jpg
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