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ESWA Spring General Assembly Held for the First Time Ever as a Digital Meeting


European Single ply Waterproofing Association (ESWA) is the Brussels based leading EU trade association representing the interests of the thermoplastic / single ply water-proofing membrane producers in Europe. The objective of the association is to promote innovative, durable and environment-friendly thermoplastics waterproofing solutions for buildings and civil constructions e.g. roof-and tunnel membranes.

The ESWA Spring General Assembly on May 5th 2020 was held for the first time ever as a digital meeting. All members were present in the meeting.

The ESWA members unanimously elected Mr. Erik Ǿyno as their new President with Mr. Bruno Broccanello as vice-president and Mr. Frederic Weemaels as Treasurer for a 2-year period (May 2020-May 2022). A special thanks was expressed to former President Mr. Koichi Oba, who recently made a career change to a company outside the waterproofing industry.

ESWA President Mr. Erik Ǿyno

ESWA President Mr. Erik Ǿyno stated “The world is presently going through a very challenging time. Especially the stories shared first-hand by our colleagues in Italy and Spain on the considerable social impacts on the society and the economic consequences of the present crisis are heart breaking. These stories strengthen us all to increasingly work with the entire value chain in the building and construction industry to choose environmental-friendly thermoplastics roof- and tunnel membranes as first choice in waterproofing”

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