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EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability

The European Green Deal1, European Union’s new growth strategy, has set the EU on a course to become a sustainable climate neutral and circular economy by 2050. It has also set a goal to protect better human health and the environment as part of an ambitious approach to tackle pollution from all sources and move towards a toxic-free environment. Chemicals are everywhere in our daily life and play a fundamental role in most of our activities, as they form part of virtually every device we use to ensure our well-being, protect our health and security, and meet new challenges through innovation. Chemicals are also the building blocks of low-carbon, zero pollution and energy- and resource-efficient technologies, materials and products. The increased investment and innovative capacity of the chemicals industry to provide safe and sustainable chemicals will be vital to offer new solutions and support both the green and the digital transitions of our economy and society.

Read more in the full EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability - Towards a Toxic-Free Environment.

EU 2020 Strategy Chemicals(1)
Download PDF • 849KB


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