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Medellin Sports Coliseum

The Medellin Sports Coliseum was built to host the ninth edition of the South American games. The Sports Coliseum is part of the Atanasio Girardot Sports Complex and the incredible design of the roof was made to harmonize the visual impact of the building with the valley.

For the waterproofing of the 45.000 m2 of the roof , a product was necessary that could offer the possibility of being produced in different green shades so that they could combine with the colors of the mountains of the valley. A high-performing single-ply waterproofing membrane met all the requirements:

  • membrane with special colors (green shades)

  • elasticity

  • fast and effective installation

Additionally, more than 5.000 m2 of single-ply waterproofing membrane were successfully applied as pool liner for the waterproofing of the swimming pools.

Project participants

Location: Medellín, Colombia

Year: 2010 Lead Architect: Giancarlo Mazzanti

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