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PVC Recycling Technologies

VinylPlus is the European PVC industry’s ten-year voluntary commitment to sustainable development. One of the five sustainability challenges that are at the heart of the VinylPlus initiative is the challenge of controlled-loop management: the more efficient use and control of PVC throughout its life cycle.

A key element of this challenge is the development and promotion of innovative recycling to further extend the scope and efficiency of PVC recycling in the European market.

Building on learning from 12 years’ experience in recycling, including the Vinyl 2010 voluntary commitment to sustainable development, VinylPlus is using the lessons learnt and acquiring new knowledge to embed sustainable development across the PVC industry in Europe.

This brochure outlines the context and opportunities for recycling in Europe, as well as

some of the challenges and solutions for extending the recycling of waste PVC. The emphasis is on the emerging PVC recycling technologies that can access the ‘more difficult to recycle’ waste streams.

PVC Recycling Technologies VP Brochure
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