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SKZ Confirms EPDM More Than 50 Years of Service Life

The SKZ Plastics Centre in Würzburg is one of the largest accredited and certified European testing laboratories for plastic products. Founded in Munich in 1961, it monitors over 900 plastic products from more than 400 companies.

In a study published in 2004, the institute examined the long-term behaviour and reliable service life of EPDM on the basis of samples from 39 objects in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden that had been sealed with EPDM sheets for many years. The elongation at break was tested as an essential criterion for age resistance.

The SKZ concludes: "According to the available results, the service life of properly manufactured EPDM membranes under Central European climatic conditions can be estimated at well over 50 years. During this period, the membranes retain sufficient elongation capacity to withstand the mechanical and thermal stresses of exposure on flat roofs."

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