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Worth Knowing - PVC Roofing and Lining Sheets

PVC roofing and lining sheets have been used for many decades to seal various types of structures. The PVC sheets are made of single or multiple layers of glass or polyester fibres, for example, with varying thicknesses of up to 2.4 mm for roofing membranes and up to 3.2 mm for tunnel tubes; they protect the building fabric against the effects of the weather and against mechanical damage. They are essential in ensuring the longevity and safety of structures.

Roofing sheets can be used to seal flat roofs in residential buildings as well as sports and event halls, car ports, garages, balconies and terraces and can be installed on various types of surface. Lining sheets, on the other hand, are used to seal tunnels or structures underground. Their durability has enabled experts to gather a great deal of information about the long-term properties of PVC roofing and lining sheets. The conclusion is that the sheets offer long-term protection against the weather, can resist strong mechanical loads and allow for efficient and easy refurbishment even after long use. This means they are equally suitable for installation in new buildings as well as for refurbishing older structures.

Read more in the full 2-page leaflet of the AGPU.

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